Relational NASR

The most powerful NASR database solution available on the market today

National Aviation System Resources, or NASR, is the official FAA repository which details the physical description and operational status of all components of our National Airspace system. This collection of data includes all Airport Metadata, NAVAID, ATC Communication for Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCCs), Terminal Radar Approach Control Facilities (TRACON) and Flight Service Station (FSS) Facilities.

Our solution, Relational NASR, is a subscription service that provides a reliable, familiar SQL relational database for developing non-avionic, non-navigational software applications and print materials. Subscribers are provided updated data every 28 days in concert with the FAA's FADDS release cycle. Reporting and database querying of NASR data is a common, and critical, business need for many teams including R&D, operations, and training. Relational NASR affords businesses and teams to move quickly and confidently with the most up-to-date airspace data available.

  • Automatically updated every 28 days with the NASR cycle
  • Developer friendly with full documentation and fast support
  • Every release is available in MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite formats.

If you are interested in another format, please contact us for additional info.

About The Subscription

The Relational NASR product is a monthly subscription service that provides a validated SQL export of all NASR data, including all SQL statements necessary to construct the tables, data types, and constraints. Customers are provided a portal area where they can download compressed SQL files from current, and historical, NASR data sets.

We also offer our consulting services to apply post-processing database edits in order to perform any custom changes to the database structure or stored data.

Subscribers are provided with a single username and password to access the files for download. Typical downloads are less than 100MB and are compressed and packaged in ZIP file format.

Purchase & Support

Subscriptions to Relational NASR are billed annually. The current annual rate for a subscription is $5899.

All subscribers are strongly encouraged to purchase an annual support agreement to ensure you get the most value and stability out of your Relational NASR subscription. An annual support contract is priced at $1100.

Please email us to get started with your subscription and support agreement. We accept checks and all major credit cards.